Frank Scalzo

Director, Product Management.

Frank is responsible for Verisign's DDoS Protection Service. During his 15-year career at Verisign, he has had various roles overseeing operations of critical network services for all Verisign production services, including all .com and .net authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) services, DNS services for two internet root name servers, all data center based registry services, and certificate validation services.

Scalzo is a recognized expert in internet technologies with over 20 years of industry experience. Prior to Verisign, he held senior engineering and leadership positions at several internet service providers.

Recent posts by Frank Scalzo:

DNS-Based Threats: DNS Reflection and Amplification Attacks

The Domain Name System (DNS), if not properly secured, may be susceptible to abuse by malicious actors. Cybercriminals recognize the value of DNS availability and look for ways to compromise DNS uptime and the DNS servers that support it. As such, DNS becomes an important point of security enforcement and a potential point in the Cyber Kill Chain®1 for many cyber-attacks.

This blog discusses one such threat, DNS reflection and amplification attacks.