Kevin Piper


Kevin Piper is a director of product management on the team responsible for bringing new domain name search tools and related products to market. Piper has more than 20 years of experience advancing technical innovations in products with companies such as Juniper Networks and Check Point Software Technologies.

He received his Bachelor of Science in information systems from University of Colorado, where he graduated cum laude.

Recent posts by Kevin Piper:

DNS-Based Threats: Cache Poisoning

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the cornerstone of communication for the internet. Navigating to the sites you access every day often starts with a DNS request. Cybercriminals recognize the value of DNS and may look for ways to abuse improperly secured DNS to compromise its uptime, integrity or overall response efficacy—which makes DNS an important area for enforcing security and protecting against threats.

One such threat: cache poisoning. (more…)

Verisign Extends its DNS Firewall Service to Include Protection of Microsoft Azure Cloud Workloads

Verisign is excited to announce that its easy-to-configure, cloud-based, recursive DNS filtering service, Verisign DNS Firewall, is now certified to run on Microsoft Azure. This service will help protect your Microsoft Azure virtual machines from malware command-and-control traffic and navigation to undesirable websites.