Zaid AlBanna

Zaid AlBanna serves as a senior research engineer on the industry standards and technology team within the chief technology officer organization. Since joining Verisign in 2020, he has been focused on Internet Protocol (IP) standards development. Prior to joining Verisign, he worked for telecommunications providers and manufacturers on a variety of networking-related projects in the areas of design, quality assurance, and operations of distributed systems, IP transport protocols, and gigabit networking. He is also a contributing member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Zaid holds a Master of Science degree from Iowa State University in electrical engineering.

Recent posts by Zaid AlBanna:


Minimized DNS Resolution: Into the Penumbra

Over the past several years, domain name queries – a critical element of internet communication – have quietly become more secure, thanks, in large part, to a little-known set of technologies that are having a global impact. Verisign CTO Dr. Burt Kaliski covered these in a recent Internet Protocol Journal article, and I’m excited to share more about the role Verisign has performed in advancing this work and making one particular technology freely available worldwide.