Websites, Branded Email Remain Key to SMB Internet Services

Study Commissioned by Verisign Shows Websites Can Help Add Credibility and Drive New Business

Businesses today have many options for interacting with customers online. The findings of our independent survey of online consumers suggest that websites and branded email continue to be critical components of many businesses’ online presence, essential to supporting consumer confidence and enabling effective interaction with customers.


5 Simple Tips to Finding Your Perfect .com Domain Name (Plus 2 Bonus Ones!)

Finding your .com for your business is easier than you may think!

You want a .com domain name for your business, right? That’s really not surprising to hear, considering that marketing and branding experts agree that the .com top-level domain (TLD) is still the best to build your brand.1

Wonder why that is? For more than 30 years, .com has stood behind Fortune 500 companies, startups and businesses whose contributions have reshaped the way our world operates today. So, it’s not surprising that .com is one of the most  trusted and recognizable domain name extensions around the world.2


Tech Company Brings A Warm and Fuzzy Approach to Hosting

BEING UNCONVENTIONAL DOES pay off. Just ask Richard Feller and Jeff Chanesman, co-founders of Hedgehog Hosting, a web hosting company headquartered outside of Washington, D.C. Launched in 2001 amongst a sea of larger competitors, Hedgehog Hosting has emerged to be a premier company in the region because of their unorthodox approach in the managed hosting market. Verisign sat down with the team to find out more.



Verisign is pleased to announce that קום., the new, Verisign-operated, internationalized domain name (IDN) extension that is uniquely designed for Hebrew language speakers, is now open for the registration of domain names by the general public on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability and the applicable registry policies.* The General Registration Period for קום. began at 00:00:00 UTC on Nov. 5, 2018, following the Landrush Program Period.**



*Please note that a domain name registered in the קום. TLD registry is not the same as a domain name registered in the .com TLD registry. In addition, the holder of the registration of a domain name in the קום. TLD registry may not be the same as the holder of the registration of the same domain name in the .com TLD registry.

Verisign is pleased to announce the launch of our phased rollout of קום. in Hebrew script. This new, Verisign-operated internationalized domain name (IDN) extension was created to help businesses and individuals connect with customers in their local language. The Sunrise Period for קום. is open from July 30, 2018 at 00:00:00 UTC through Sept. 4, 2018 at 23:59:59 UTC.


3 Ways to Use a Domain Name for Business Today

Registering a domain name is one of the first steps to starting a new business. That’s because whatever name you choose will represent your business’s space on the internet – and, possibly, a customer’s first impression of your company.

But once you have that domain name, what do you do? Don’t stress over building your online space. You can start using your domain name right away. Here are three ways to do it.


4 Myths About Using a Branded Email for Business

If you send emails to your customers, it’s not only about what you say in your emails, but what your email address says about you. If you use a generic email like Gmail or Yahoo for your business, it might be time to consider something more professional and specific to your business. For example, what dental practice would you choose to contact, one that uses an email address like or It’s probably safe to assume you’d pick the first one. Yet, in 2015, almost half of U.S. small businesses still did not have a company-branded email.1

Here are a few myths about a customized email address that may be holding you back from growing your online brand:


Keep Dreaming Up with .net

For those who have heard the call to build their small business, Verisign encourages you to “Keep Dreaming Up.” That’s the message of our newest U.S. campaign for .net, which launched this week. 

For more than 30 years, .net domain names have helped power the dreams and passions of business owners and professionals all over the world. A .net domain name was, in fact, the first domain name created, and, it’s where the internet will continue to grow. How’s that for a great start?