Digital Risk Management Company Uses .com to Change the Conversation

What does one aspire to do while raising kids? Well, you could start a cyber and digital risk management company if you wanted to. At least, that’s what Juanita Koilpillai did. Verisign sat down with the founder and president of start-up tech company, Waverley Labs, a cyber and digital risk management company headquartered in Northern Virginia to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey, what she’s got planned for the future, and how she’s going to do it.

What is Waverley Labs

Waverley Labs helps companies secure their online businesses through a new innovative concept called Software Defined Perimeter. “It’s a different way of doing security online that’s really taken off,” said Juanita. “And we hope it’s the way to secure online applications in the future.” Like any startup organization, it’s a small, nimble team of expert cyber-analysts and software developers where everyone is an individual contributor.

How Waverley Labs got its start

“When my kids became teenagers, I decided I wanted to dip my toe back into the workforce, so I started consulting, but quickly discovered that the industry I had left hadn’t solved the problem,” said Juanita. She found that the problems with cybersecurity had gotten worse and even more complicated. “It takes about nine months to figure out if you’ve been hacked. Wouldn’t it be nice to know and fix it in seconds? That’s what compelled me to jump in and launch Waverley Labs in 2012,” said Juanita. She wanted to do something different and better to help organizations stay up to speed.

How Waverley Labs got its name

Finding a name for your business is one of the key decisions for any new business owner. For Waverley Labs, the startup’s name came about on a whim. “We were running the company out my 17th century farm called Waverley Farm. We couldn’t think of a name for what we were doing, so we came up with Waverley Labs in the interim and it just stuck,” said Juanita.

She chose because they wanted to be legitimate online. “We didn’t feel like any of the other extensions would have given us that credibility,” said Juanita.

The concept for Waverley Labs was an out-of-the-box idea for its niche in the cybersecurity industry, so the company needed an extension to anchor it. With a .com, she knew the name would be grounded; “official.”

How supports the business

“Our online presence is essential. I ran a business before back in the early 2000s and we only published an online newsletter,” said Juanita. But consumers now expect much more than a newsletter. “You don’t really need a highly sophisticated sales staff today because customers go online and read everything about you – your blogs, your papers, reviews. Customers really educate themselves before they even talk to you,” she said.

“So we blog regularly, like two or three times a week. We create white papers. We connect with other people doing similar work. We provide our audience with more educational and thought leadership information,” explained Juanita. Now, is the company’s strongest sales tool. “It’s very important to us, especially since we’re [trying to change people’s mindset] on how to secure their businesses online,” she said.

The future for Waverley Labs

The company is fousing on expanding its community. “We ask ourselves every day how we can create this larger community of people who want to think differently. We’re trying to change the conversation about cybersecurity so we can implement a different solution for securing online businesses. Our website and blog on helps us do that.”