Save the Date: Verisign to host vBSDCon, Sept. 11-13, 2015

Verisign is excited to announce that we are hosting the second vBSDcon event, taking place Sept. 11-13, 2015, at the Sheraton hotel in Reston, Va. We welcome all members of the various Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) communities, such as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and others, to join us for a series of plenary talks, Birds of a Feather (BoF) discussions, educational sessions and best practice conversations, as well as the opportunity to network with one another in person.

The innovation spawned in the BSD operating systems ensures the Internet is a safer and more reliable network. Verisign has benefited from the efforts of those in the BSD community, and is pleased to give back in the form of this technical BSD-based conference that provides users, developers, engineers and other organizations an opportunity to foster strong and innovative relationships.

“Our technical community, familiar with many operating systems, found FreeBSD to be a particularly good match to our interests, both in terms of the services offered by the operating system, and the interaction with the BSD community,” said Burt Kaliski, CTO, Verisign.

vBSDcon will feature “Hacker Lounges,” which are self-moderated spaces available for use by users, developers and engineers to collaborate after the daily conference activities. All of the BSD communities are encouraged to participate. Past vBSDcon attendees have described achieving extraordinary accomplishments while sitting side by side with collaborators and working together in real-time.

The FreeBSD Foundation and other industry leaders are joining us to make the most of this weekend. Keep an eye out on for details as they become available, including a detailed agenda, presentation abstracts, speaker bios, hotel accommodations and conference registration information.  Event registration will open in July 2015.

For more information on Verisign and BSD, please visit