Top 10 Trending Keywords in .Com & .Net Registrations in October

With more than 300 million domain names registered globally, there are numerous examples of trends reflected by domain name registrations. We have shown in the past that there is a correlation between domain name registrations and newsworthy and popular events, as well as anticipated trends.

Keeping in the spirit of the zeitgeist that .com and .net domain name registration trends can represent, Verisign publishes this monthly blog post series that identifies the top 10 trending .com and .net keywords registered in English during the preceding month.

The top 10 trending keywords registered in .com and .net during the month of October 2016 are below. Any surprises?



cannabis marketing
marijuana top
corporation trade
fan finance
weed  games
network  video
pot  blog
cellular clinic
memory data
pixel money

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Note: Each list was developed by examining keyword registration growth relative to the preceding month, such that those keywords with the highest percentage of registration growth are being reported on. This method is used to eliminate commonly registered keywords, such as “online” and “shop,” to provide a true look at monthly trends. In order to be included, a keyword must experience a minimum threshold in registration growth month over month. Qualifying keywords with the highest volume of registrations are then ranked and included in the list.



  1. People really need to hold on to these cannabis domains. The market is still so new. Once the majority of states legalize cannabis the industry will be one of the biggest in the United States. Selling now would be a mistake.

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