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Verisign Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month reminds us how the wide range of perspectives and experiences among our employees makes us stronger both as a company and as a steward of the internet. In honor of this month, we are proud to recognize the stories of three of our Hispanic employees, and the positive impact they make at Verisign.

Carlos Ruesta

As Verisign’s director of information security, Carlos Ruesta draws inspiration from his father’s community commitment as an agricultural engineer in Peru, working to bring safe food and water to isolated communities. His father’s experiences inform Carlos’ belief in Verisign’s mission of enabling the world to connect online with reliability and confidence, anytime, anywhere and motivates his work as part of a team that ensures trust.

As a leader in our security compliance division, Carlos ensures that his team maintains a robust governance, risk, and compliance framework, translating applicable laws and regulations into security control requirements. “Being part of a team that emphasizes trust, motivates me,” he said. “Management trusts me to make decisions affecting large-scale projects that protect our company. This allows me to use my problem-solving skills and leadership abilities.”

Carlos commends Verisign’s respectful and encouraging environment, which he considers vital in cultivating successful career paths for newcomers navigating the cybersecurity field. He says by recognizing individual contributions and supporting each other’s professional growth, Hispanic employees at Verisign feel a sense of belonging in the workplace and are able to excel in their career journeys.

Alejandro Gonzalez Roman

Alejandro Gonzalez Roman, a senior UX designer at Verisign, combines his artistic talent with technical expertise in his role, collaborating among various departments across Verisign. “My dad is an artist, and still one of my biggest role models,” he said. “He taught me that to be good at anything means to dedicate a lot of time to perfecting your craft. I see art as a way to inspire people to make the world a better place. In my job as a UX designer, I use art to make life a little easier for people.”

As a UX designer, Alejandro strives to make technology accessible to everyone, regardless of background or abilities. He believes that life experiences and cultural knowledge provide individuals with a unique perspective, which he considers an invaluable source of inspiration when designing. And with the Hispanic population being one of the largest minorities in the United States, cultural knowledge is crucial. Understanding how different people interact with technology and integrating cultural insights into the work is essential to good UX design.

Overall, Alejandro is motivated by the strong sense of teamwork at Verisign. “Day-to-day work with our strong team has helped me improve my work” he said. “With collaboration and encouragement, we push each other to be better UX designers. I couldn’t succeed as I have without this amazing team around me.”

Rebecca Bustamante

Rebecca Bustamante, senior manager of operations analysis, says Verisign’s “people-first” culture is part of her motivation, and she is grateful for the opportunities that allowed her to take on different roles within the company to learn and broaden her skills. “I’ve had opportunities because people believed in my potential and saw my work ethic,” she said. “These experiences have given me the understanding and skills to succeed at the job I have today.”

One of these experiences was joining the WIT@Verisign (Women in Technology) leadership team, which proved instrumental to her personal growth and led to valuable work friendships. In fact, one of her most cherished memories at Verisign includes leading a Verisign Cares team project in Virginia’s Great Falls Park, where she and her coworkers worked together to clear invasive plants and renovate walking paths.

Rebecca sees this type of camaraderie among employees as a crucial part of the people-first culture at Verisign. She particularly commends Verisign’s team leaders who value consistent communication and take the time to listen to people’s stories, which fosters an authentic understanding. This approach makes collaboration more natural and allows teamwork to develop organically. Rebecca emphasizes the significance of celebrating her culture, as it directly influences her job performance and effective communication. But she pointed out that the term “Hispanic” encompasses a wide diversity of peoples and nations. She advocates respect, practices active listening, and promotes a culture celebrating each other’s successes.

Joining the Verisign Team

These three individuals – as well as their many team members – contribute to Verisign’s efforts to enable and enhance the security, stability, and resiliency of key internet infrastructure every single day.

At Verisign, we recognize the importance of talent and culture in driving an environment that fosters high performance, inclusion, and integrity in all aspects of our work. It’s why recruiting and retaining the very best talent is our continual focus. If you would like to be part of the Verisign Team, please visit Verisign Careers.


Ellen Petrocci

As Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Ellen Petrocci is responsible for the company’s global human resources talent management strategy and functions, which include diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition, leadership and organizational development, compensation, benefits, and employee communications. Ellen joined Verisign in 2013, as Vice President of Compensation and Benefits, then was promoted to Vice President of Human Resources later... Read More →