Verisign Extends its DNS Firewall Service to Include Protection of Microsoft Azure Cloud Workloads

Verisign is excited to announce that its easy-to-configure, cloud-based, recursive DNS filtering service, Verisign DNS Firewall, is now certified to run on Microsoft Azure. This service will help protect your Microsoft Azure virtual machines from malware command-and-control traffic and navigation to undesirable websites.

Cybersecurity threats, such as malware, phishing and malicious apps, present serious challenges to organizations and end users, including those employing cloud workloads to accomplish their scalability and productivity goals. Many of these threats incorporate a DNS lookup as part of their behavior, whether to receive instructions from command-and-control centers, download additional malicious files, redirect users to malicious pages, or simply to exfiltrate user and device data. By working at the DNS layer, Verisign DNS Firewall can help protect your organization from these threats.

As part of the global launch of Verisign DNS Firewall for Microsoft Azure, Verisign will showcase the service at Microsoft Ignite 2017, from Sept. 24-29.

Visit booth #913 at the Microsoft Ignite conference to learn about how Verisign DNS Firewall can help address threats, such as malware, that can put your organization’s productivity, brand, and even the ability to generate revenue at risk.

About DNS Firewall

Verisign DNS Firewall combines high-quality security risk data with high-availability, customizable, recursive DNS. Employed as a component in a layered security approach, Verisign DNS Firewall provides increased flexibility and scale to protect Microsoft Azure workloads with a simple DNS change.

To find out more about how to give your Microsoft Azure workloads the benefit of an intelligent DNS filter designed to stop malicious communication normally associated with cyber threats, please visit


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