Improve Website Availability and Performance with Verisign Dynamic Traffic Management

We often hear from companies with cloud applications that ensuring the availability of critical web-based services and applications is a key requirement for enhancing user experience and engagement. After all, customers often leave company websites if they have to wait for them to load, which could result in lost revenue and brand value — all because of something that could be easily avoided.

A number of companies today utilize hardware-based solutions to manage their complex, global website traffic. But the costly combination of the initial capital outlay, operational maintenance, future upgrades and skilled staffing requirements makes this an expensive and complex approach to effective traffic management. Worst of all, this approach also increases the risk of downtime due to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Many companies that are already taking advantage of cloud-based global load balancing often complain of the limitations and restrictions they run into when trying to define complex rules for performance and availability settings.

To help organizations meet their complex global traffic management requirements while lowering the total cost of ownership, Verisign today launched the next generation of its global load balancing platform that leverages the cloud, Verisign Dynamic Traffic Management (DTM).  Verisign Dynamic Traffic Management extends our industry leading cloud-based Managed DNS Service by providing true software defined availability and performance optimization.

Unlike others on the market, our solution lets companies dynamically improve website performance and availability utilizing rules-based scripts with virtually unlimited options for customization. In an easily-deployable way, companies can use any relevant data, including performance metrics, to direct Internet traffic using scripts tailored to their needs. For instance, companies can send Website traffic to the appropriate Content Delivery Network (CDN) based on dynamically updated information, including time-of-day, geographic region and pricing. In addition, this service can protect organizations from the risk of outages caused by DDoS attacks as it is built on Verisign’s proven, globally deployed and secure infrastructure.

Stas Goshstein, IT manager at Viber Media, had this to say about Verisign Dynamic Traffic Management:

“Given the potential impact that misrouted queries and responses could have on Viber’s partners, it was essential that custom scripts were properly written. The whole migration team at Verisign was very helpful and sensitive to our needs. Every change and every detail was made with great care. When working with DNS, you need a provider who is reliable and who you can trust – that’s why we chose Verisign.”

Never before has it been so easy for companies to improve network service availability and performance than today, as they are presented with unlimited, dynamic options to shape the traffic that flows through their global network. By leveraging the benefits of the cloud, Verisign’s Dynamic Traffic Management puts the power at your fingertips to scale network services to match your organization’s unique and evolving requirements.