Missed Us at Black Hat? No Problem. See iDefense IntelGraph Today.

Black Hat USA 2015 is behind us. Through all of the presentations, celebrations and meetings, one thing was very clear to me and the iDefense Security Intelligence Services crew in attendance: online security practitioners and their constituents face a more complex threat landscape than ever before. From some pretty intense software vulnerabilities to even scarier remote-control hacking of automobiles, the “bad guys” have some pretty serious tools at their disposal.

But the good guys also got some new tools to help protect their online assets and applications. This year, Verisign showed the world what we anticipate to be the new standard for security intelligence platforms: the iDefense IntelGraph. Take a look at my previous blog post, Announcing Verisign IntelGraph: Unprecedented Context For Cybersecurity Intelligence, to learn a little about this next-generation platform at the heart of iDefense and see demo videos.

Better yet, to learn even more and see the platform in action for yourself, register for my upcoming webinar, Get Context Around Cyber Threats with Verisign iDefense IntelGraph, taking place on Mon., Aug. 31, 2015 at 11 a.m. ET, where I’ll explain:

  • The value and importance of context in security intelligence
  • How graph database technology makes iDefense IntelGraph different, and better
  • The many in-depth questions iDefense IntelGraph can help analysts and customers answer
  • How you can learn more about iDefense IntelGraph and iDefense Security Intelligence Services
Josh Ray

Josh Ray

As Vice President, Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services, Josh Ray is responsible for developing operational plans for the organization, overseeing the fulfillment of client commitments and providing the strategic direction for the iDefense product line. He has more than 12 years of combined commercial, government and military experience in the field of Cyber Intelligence, Threat Operations, and Information Security.

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