Verisign Mitigates 300 Gbps DDoS Attack and Other Q2 2014 DDoS Trends

It has been another busy quarter for the team that works on our DDoS Protection Services here at Verisign. As detailed in the recent release of our Q2 2014 DDoS Trends Report, from April to June of this year, we not only saw a jump in frequency and size of attacks against our customers, we witnessed the largest DDoS attack we’ve ever observed and mitigated – an attack over 300 Gbps against one of our Media and Entertainment customers.

This attack is significant for a number of reasons and I encourage you to read a detailed recounting of the attack timeline as well as the various trends we track in the report.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Verisign saw a 216 percent increase in average peak attack size over Q1 2014 and a 291 percent increase in average peak attack size year over year.
  • Overall, Verisign saw an 87 percent increase in peak DDoS attack size year over year.
  • Attacks in the 5-10 Gbps range increased 33 percent and attacks greater than 10 Gbps increased 16 percent.
  • 65 percent of attacks were greater than 1 Gbps.
  • Media and Entertainment was the most targeted industry, followed closely by IT Services/Cloud/SaaS, both making up 84 percent of all attacks mitigated in Q2.
Be sure to check back in a few months to read our Q3 DDoS Trends Report, and if you’d like to read about what we saw in Q1, you can access that report here.

Danny McPherson

Danny McPherson leads Verisign’s technology and security organizations. He is responsible for Verisign's corporate and production infrastructure, platforms, services, engineering and operations, as well as information and corporate security. He has actively participated in internet operations, research and standardization since the early 1990s, including serving on the Internet Architecture Board and chairing an array of Internet Engineering Task Force and... Read More →