Verisign Will Waive Wholesale Restore Fee to Help Registrants Keep Their Domain Names During COVID-19 Crisis

Last week, we announced a number of actions we are taking to support our people and community during the global COVID-19 crisis. Today, we’re pleased to provide more detail about one of those actions, which, with the help of registrars, will make it easier for domain name registrants worldwide to keep their domain names in the midst of this crisis.


5 Simple Tips to Finding Your Perfect .com Domain Name (Plus 2 Bonus Ones!)

Finding your .com for your business is easier than you may think!

You want a .com domain name for your business, right? That’s really not surprising to hear, considering that marketing and branding experts agree that the .com top-level domain (TLD) is still the best to build your brand.1

Wonder why that is? For more than 30 years, .com has stood behind Fortune 500 companies, startups and businesses whose contributions have reshaped the way our world operates today. So, it’s not surprising that .com is one of the most  trusted and recognizable domain name extensions around the world.2