Motivated to Solve Problems

In our mission to enable the world to connect online with reliability and confidence, we have the opportunity to solve important technical problems for the benefit of our customers and partners every day at Verisign.

These are problems about scale, about security and stability, about management and usability and many other aspects of products and services that have become a core part of the global internet. They’re the result of lessons learned by operating the world’s largest domain name registries on a global platform and infrastructure with high availability for more than 15 years.

As the world keeps changing, so do the requirements for products and services and the ways to achieve them most effectively. Our researchers and engineers continue to innovate and adapt to those changes, while also anticipating the next ones.

Their creativity and energy have resulted in a patent portfolio with a combined total of 231 patents and patent applications in the US, plus 304 granted and pending patent applications in other countries as of Sept. 30, 2013. Among these are 127 granted or pending applications in the US that we believe protect inventions made while solving the challenges we’ve confronted as part of building our core registry operations. You can find our official patent marking notices at