Using December .Com and .Net Registration Trends to Discover Keyword-Rich Domain Names

Verisign publishes a monthly blog post series that identifies the top 10 trending keywords registered in .com and .net in English during the preceding month. Given the popularity of these terms, I thought it would be interesting to see what available domain names I could discover by entering a combination of the .com keywords into DomainScope, Verisign’s domain name generator that helps find creative domain name suggestions.

Based on the keywords published this month, below is a list of my top 10 favorite .com domain names that were recently available containing these and other popular keywords.

Top 10 Available Keyword-Rich .Com Domain Names

# Available Domain Names*


Please leave a comment and let me know if you discover other good domain names using the keyword trends lists and DomainScope.

*Available as of Jan. 20, 2017


Jeannie McPherson

Director of Product Management, Social Media and Mobile Applications. Jeannie McPherson is Director of Product Management for Verisign’s social media and mobile initiatives. An avid social media and domain name enthusiast, Jeannie is responsible for managing the development and implementation of products and campaigns designed to illustrate the value of domain name registration for use with social media and mobile... Read More →

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  1. Hi Jeannie, nice list of domains. Just shows you, there is always an angle and a way.

    I was wondering – any chance of a $1 domain sale (.com) at Godaddy anytime soon? Has to be @ Godaddy 😀

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